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Varustamo- project develops peer counselling model using social media to support young people in their educational and career choices.

The project organizes three training courses in peer counselling after which the trained counsellors can receive a part-time job in the project. The training consists of competence building in counseling skills and different social media solutions applicable Peer counselors give information, guidance and support for youngsters in their reflection on educational or employment options. The main target group is 16-25 year old who have finished or finishing comprehensive school, upper secondary school or vocational education. Another target group is young people who are in the verge of dropping out from education. Peer counselors are young themselves and offer tutoring and support by sharing experiences and provide information about services available.

Peer counseling takes place mainly within social media via Facebook, chat room, twitter and blog-writings but some counselling groups can be formed depending on the interest of youngsters themselves. The interaction between peer counselors and youngsters is based on openness, mutual trust and equality.

Varustamo –project is funded by European Social Fund (ESF). The duration of the project is from 1.9.2010 to 30.6.2013. Project is implemented by Tampere University of Applied Sciences and the project operates in the Tampere region.